The Strammiello Services

Transport & Logistics

Globalization of the international production market and the short-lived nature of consumer products demand more and more opportunities for transport and effective logistics. Our response to this is to offer highly specialized services in terms of storage, handling, unloading and intermodal transport by boat and train. We primarily transport full industrial loads to exploit the full load capacity of vehicles and thereby ensure competitive prices and quick, prompt delivery.

Strammiello services

Transport and much more

We offer third-party storage for all kinds of goods, together with optional services such as labelling, packaging and repackaging, spinning, heat shrinking, picking and kitting. These services are carried out according to the specifications or procedures requested by the customer or proposed by our own specialized staff.

Strammiello Trasporti is a transport and logistics company capable of responding to modern commercial needs with men and vehicles of the highest level.