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Globalization of the international production market and the short-lived nature of consumer products demand more and more opportunities for transport and effective logistics. Our response to this is to offer highly specialized services in terms of storage, handling, unloading and intermodal transport by boat and train.
We primarily transport full industrial loads to exploit the full load capacity of vehicles and thereby ensure competitive prices and quick, prompt delivery.

In parts of Eastern Europe we also offer "groupage" service for shipping small orders from various senders in one country to various customers in another by consolidating the orders into a single load.
With regard to logistics, our company offers a service for storing the cargo of entire ships or trains as well as later sorting and delivery to recipients.
We also offer intermediary services such as the packaging or transfer of bulk goods in tanks, or picking – a procedure that makes all order preparations more orderly, quicker and better organized.
Picking is put to use mainly for mineral water: there is a warehouse (of 4000 sqm) specifically dedicated to it at the site in Bari (Modugno).
A second warehouse (measuring 5000 sqm) was set up recently to store goods from Eastern Europe for redistribution in Italy.
We offer third-party storage for all kinds of goods, together with optional services such as labelling, packaging and repackaging, spinning, heat shrinking, picking and kitting. These services are carried out according to the specifications or procedures requested by the customer or proposed by our own specialized staff.

Our company has developed a transport network in partnership with operators in Turkey in response to the growing need for transport services in Mediterranean countries. This recent partnership offers many benefits. Since only semi-trailers are embarked, drivers need not remain idle and can avoid long journeys. The same modes of transport are used for journeys to and from Eastern European countries, offering client companies the peace of mind ensured by a solid, trustworthy Italian company.

October 2008
Strammiello Trasporti broadened its range of logistics services with the inauguration of a new decentralized site at the "Ferruccio" railway station in Bari. The intention is to offer services for rail-road transportation of goods and containers to final destinations, as well as traditional stockpiling, storage and sorting services.

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