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Combined and intermodal transport offer the benefits of various means of transport, creating an efficient system: the reliability and safety of rail transport are combined with the flexibility of road transport and the intercontinental distance possibilities offered by maritime transport.

The company strongly believes in the value and strategic importance of rail transport due to the safety and financial savings it ensures. Strammiello Trasporti's rail service offers added value insofar that it produces four times less pollution than road transport. Another benefit is that it takes more vehicles off the already congested roads and motorways. Investment in this field and plans for intermodal transport will, in the mid-term, make it possible to shift many long-distance shipments from road to rail.
Our vehicles are also constantly being upgraded to meet the euro4 and euro5 pollution limits.

The train is the safest means of transport and, together with travel by sea, the most environmentally friendly. For years now the company has also offered shipment by sea whereby the vehicle is transported directly on the ship to improve the efficiency of delivery to the end user.
In general, the company uses different means of transport to ensure smooth technical operation as well as keep down costs. We have therefore decided to put an emphasis on multimodal transport as this is effectively the only way to resolve the problem, especially in those countries such as Italy where manufacturing companies have a strong need to import raw materials not sourced locally and to sell their finished products on foreign markets.

This philosophy of environmentally friendly transport
allows our company to offer customers more targeted services and thereby gain their trust.

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