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The Strammiello Trasporti Company was set up in 1992.
It has naturally evolved from a family business founded in the
1950s by Michele Strammiello, who transported a variety of goods for third parties.

Strammiello Trasporti has now had more than four decades' experience in the operative management of transport and logistics for many important companies around Italy and the rest of Europe.

The company's offices are divided between two cities. Its administrative and general coordination offices are located in Matera while its operating facility is in the industrial zone of Bari (Modugno).
The operating facility features a modern stock-handling system for goods, with covered plazas and a workshop.
The warehouses are all equipped with state-of-the-art forklift trucks and loaders for complete handling of stored goods.
Many operations are fully automated, using mechanical systems suited to the specific requirements of various customers.

The company owns 40 towing engines and 150 platform, dumper and curtain side semi-trailers to ensure customers efficient and fast service.
There are also special vehicles for transporting oversize volumes or tank trucks for bulk products such as cement, mortar and sodium carbonate.
The company always keeps its fleet as up-to-date, guaranteeing efficiency and that its transport services remain among the safest and most reliable on the market.

The storage facility at Bari is connected to the Italian state railway by a dedicated line that runs directly to the storage facility connecting to the ASI track.

Our mission is to offer the latest generation of transport solutions. We seek our customers' satisfaction as well as anticipating the growing needs of a constantly evolving market by proposing alternatives to traditional road transport.

The vision is to develop integrated logistics specialization.

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